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(Not A) Holiday in Cambodia


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Suggested Game Mods for Morrowind
morrowind stare
This is a collection of mods I use in my game, have used in my game, and certain ones I will never ever play without.

LAST UPDATED: 10.17.2008

Graphical & Misc Replacers:

Psychodog Studios' Better Bodies Mod
Better Clothes for Better Bodies
CanadianIce's Robe Replacer
Vality's Bitter Coast Mod
Vality's Balmora Mod
Vality's Ascadian Isles Mod
Swiveller's Ascadian Isles Mod
Connary's World Textures (on PES & ElricM)
Darknut's Little Weapon Mod Complete
Darknut's 1024 Armor Retexture
GhostNull's Silverware Retexture
Qarl's Bottle Replacer & Misc. Item Replacer
Earth Wyrm's Souly Soul Gems
LeeLoo's Lantern Replacer
Nangsid's Taps & Rugs
Westly's Dark Brotherhood Armor Replacer
Soti's Better Dreamers
House of Earthly Delights - Harem Style
Spectacular Sorcery

Additional Races:

Dremora Markynaz
Westly's Half Races of Tamriel
Halfling Race
The Kheran Race
Westly's Altaran Race

Heads & Faces:

Westly's Master Headpack
Sorcha Ravenlock's Elven Faces
Better Heads

NPC & Creature Additions:

Morrowind Comes Alive
Morrowind Comes Alive - Names
Less Generic NPCs
A Lord's Men
Piratelord's Creatures
Abot's Water Life
Abot's Where are all the Birds Going?
Little Foxes

Realism/Purist Mods:

Advanced Herbalism
Animal Realism
Morrowind Crafting (NoM patch)
Complete Morrowind
Necessities of Morrowind
The Holiday Mod
CM Minor Quests (these 48 minor quests provide odd jobs for the player that can be done at any level, such as hunting for crabs, nix hounds, or even ghosts)
The Sixth House Mod
Antares' Big Mod
Fliggerty's Improved Hand-to-Hand (This mod REQUIRES the Morrowind Script Extender; see link filed under Utilities at bottom of list)

Clothing & Armor:

Clothiers of Vvardenfell
Xiamara's Ranger Leathers
Korana's Falconer Leather
Metal Queen Boutique
CanadianIce's Oblivion Mithril Armor (Female Only)
The Crimson Wire
Kalikut's Adventurer Clothing
Kalikut's Adrianna Outfit
Kalikut's Black Hooded Robes
Westly's Nightsong Armor
Westly's Blade Master Armor
AlienSlof's Goth Shop I & II
Shrine to Mephala

Weapons & Official Additions:

Clear Red Glass Weapons
Famed Weapons of Tamriel
VagabondAngel's Elvish Sabres
The Forgotten Shields - Artifacts
Phijama's Harlequin Bows & Swords
Phijama's Themed Bow Sets
Phijama's Bows (compounds, recurves, and replicas)
Vivec Marksman Shop (+ Particle Effect Arrows)
Adamantium Armor Expansion (this is an official mod which makes the Adamantium Armor from Tribunal available all over Vvardenfell)


Julan, Ashlander Companion
Constance, Wood Elf Thief Companion
Rey, a Little Fox Companion
Gatanas, A Dremora Companion
Emma's Companionable Cats


Vodunius Nuccius' House
The Mori Mountain Estate
Princess Stomper's Factor's Estate
A Skaal Home
A Woodland House
Abu's Retreat
Wolverine Hall Apartment
Ascadian Rose Cottage
Ranger Tent, Carryable Home
Portable Yurt
Uvirith's Legacy [Beta] (this is not only a house/stronghold mod, but also adds a few minor quests to make being the Archmagister of House Telvanni a lot more fun)

Expanded Cities & Shops:

Thirsk Expanded
Ald Redyania Extended
Improved Museum of Artifacts
Art of War Museum (an addition to the basement of Mournhold's Museum of Artifacts)

Tamriel Rebuilt: Map 1, Telvannis -- For me, this mod is essential because I am a die hard Telvanni fan. It expands the Morrowind world tenfold with a whole new map to explore, a lot of new quests, items, NPCs, and et cetera.

Patches & Other Misc Additions:

MidgetAlien's Tweaks & Additions Version 4
The Neverhalls
DB Attack Ring


Leveled List Merger
ReOrder Mod List
Morrowind Script Extender
Wrye Mash