(Not A) Holiday in Cambodia


A Sometimes-Closeted Gamer Girl

A girl who is 23 & resides in PA with her little orange cat, maddening guitar-wielding boyfriend, and silly comrade with a fast-talking trucker mouth kills copious amounts of time here. Kills it dead with a big ol' stabby knife. She writes stories about murders and apocalyptic conspiracy epics in novel & screen-play form. She wishes to one day make a serious living on it, but thinks she may only amount to writing for bad sketch comedies on Fox. This makes her afraid. Very, very afraid. She hates speaking about herself in third person. It makes her sad. And sometimes, angry.

I am a bit of a geek. You are bound to see me post screen shots and some scant, short fiction about my character in the game, Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Not only screen shots & fiction, but commentary on the lore and mods made available by such a fantastic community. If you can't handle this but still want to be my friend, by all means add me, but don't say you were never warned!

Just one more small note: Do not advertise your shite communities here. Do not even try to add me if you are under the age of 21. Speak like you learned a little grammar (foreign journals welcome so long as there is some English, even if mildly disjointed). I do not approve of internet speak unless used in a sarcastic manner. I like SOME fan-fiction, not all, so let's not go crazy with the slash, bordering on pedophilia nonsense I see these days. I am just not a fan.


On the
Bethesda Forums, find me under the name 'akabetty'.
On the
ATS Forums, also find me under the name 'akabetty'.
Suggested Morrowind Modifications

NNFB & QC are the best comics. Read now or die.

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